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What is a Reverse Intervention?
The reverse intervention is a play on words to raise awareness for the Los Angeles children with disabilities fundraiser for the UCLA Intervention Program. Often times the word intervention is used in relation to dealing with the struggles faced by many different kinds of addicts. Our “reverse intervention” is a viral campaign of informing friends and family members on how we would like them to interact, include and play with our children. At the end of the day, every kid, no matter how different, deserves to play!

With your support, we can raise awareness for children with disabilities and help make a difference in our community.
How Do I Participate?
For the parents of children with disabilities to participate in this viral campaign, please do the following (your child can also participate):

  1. Within 30-45 seconds, capture your thoughts on how you would like your friends and family to interact and play with your children.
  2. Upload the video to youtube or another video sharing service.
  3. In the description of the video add a link to and mention why you are participating.
  4. Send a link and description to
  5. Use the hashtag #ReverseIntervention in your social media postings
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