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What is the UCLA Intervention Program?
We are raising awareness and funding for the UCLA Intervention Program. Since its inception 50+ years ago, this program has provided thousands of children the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment, from a staff made up of some of the most talented, loving, compassionate, amazing people we have ever come across. The work that the school does is, in our humble opinion, nothing short of miraculous.This program is specifically designed to help children with learning disabilities and developmental disabilities including aspergers, down syndrome, high functioning autism.

Los Angeles Special Needs Fundraiser

Los Angeles Special Needs Fundraiser

What are we doing?
Learning disabilities

We are helping children with learning disabilities in our community.

We are raising awareness and funding for the UCLA Intervention Program. Because this program is so miraculous, we felt the need to do our part to help continue the success of the program. Being a parent of a special needs child can be terrifying. The UCLA Intervention Program’s team works closely with parents to design a Program Plan for their child. Because we witnessed this first hand with one of our children, we knew we needed to help.

Behind the Curtain
Michael Ward
Director of Fundraiser
In July of 2011 my daughter, Ellie was born beautiful, happy, and seemingly without complication. As Ellie began to grow, and time passed we began to notice that she was not meeting certain developmental milestones, and started to become concerned. Ellie was eventually diagnosed with Dup15Q, which was causing severe developmental delay, among other things. Attending the UCLA Intervention Program changed Ellie’s life, and dramatically improved our outlook on what was possible for her. Knowing first hand the impact this program can have on both the children, and their families I knew I had to do everything in my power to ensure its continued success.
Blake Cohlan
Director of Marketing
When Michael first told me about his fundraising effort, I knew I had to help. By hearing the positive stories of the other parents, helping spread the positive message, and a witnessing Ellie grow and benefit from the program I am very glad to be apart of helping the UCLA Intervention Program continue for many years.
Others who we owe a debt of gratitude towards
James Goyhenetche
Getting to work on this video gave me a special perspective on the tireless efforts of so many teachers and parents involved with this program. These beautiful children are amazing and I’m honored to have a small part in helping my good friend Mike with this great cause. Please donate today and help him achieve his goals for the UCLA Intervention Program!!!
Joseph Garner
The UCLA Intervention Program plays a vital part in creating a safe and supportive environment for children and their families. I was amazed by the level of individual attention every child was given when I first visited the center. Programs like these are so important for our communities to continue to grow and thrive. I wanted to do my small part by helping spread the word of this wonderful program.
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