Los Angeles Special Needs School Fundraiser Los Angeles Special Needs Fundraiser - Los Angeles Special Needs School Fundraiser
We are here, first and foremost, to promote the miraculous work that the UCLA Intervention Program does and make sure that families who may need it know that it exists.  In addition, we are looking to raise awareness and generate funds that will ensure the school continues to thrive, and help children and families for years to come.Michael Ward
Help us reach our goal of raising $50,000

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A Special Thanks
James Phang – $5,000
Sondi Scheck and Steve Feldman – $1,000
Laura Neuhoff – $1,000
Michele and David Osterland – $500
Sara Phang – $500
Brian O’Kelley – $500
Elizabeth Phang – $400
Laura Daley – $400
Steve Holmes – $400
James and Jessica Goyhenetche – $300
Nanci Cohen – $250
Julie Landner – $250
Regina and Liza Williams-Corrado – $200
Julie Zunder – $200
Makiko Kanzaki – $200
Gilbert Cohen – $200
Richard Handel – $200
Bob and Rose Froehlich – $200
Mia Ramirez – $150
Matt Fishler – $150
Paula Holderman – $100
Dr. Lisa Lewis – $100
Rip Bains – $100
Aaron Zukoski – $100
Ebrahim Simantob – $100
Janice Golemis – $100
Lauren Jackson – $150
Clara Waite – $100
Nithya Raman – $100
May Yee-Nance – $100
Pat and Kathy Sokol – $100
Zee and Nick Hyman – $75
Emilce Maldonado-Paúl – $50
Sharon Todd – $50
Nick Riley – $50
Amber Williams – $50
Blake Cohlan – $50
Tracy Coogan – $30
Janice Graves – $25
Kristyn Wagoner – $25
Nikki Morgan – $20
100% Tax Deductible
Support the UCLA Intervention Program with your donation today. Your contribution allows for the continued success of helping kids with disabilities such as autism, aspergers, down syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder. All donations are 100% tax deductible.
One Word To Describe The UCLA Intervention Program
Life ChangingExtraordinaryCaringMiraculousMagic
Life Changing

“Seeing these children given a sliver of hope at an early age is priceless” – Hilary


“I felt so alone and didn’t feel there was a parent on this planet to understand” – Mary


“Just loving the kids, caring about the outcomes, and working really hard to make it happen for the kids” – Rob


“The impact that this program has had on my family is nothing short of miraculous” – Michael Ward


“This program is simply magic! My son has improved beyond belief from fantastically dedicated teachers to beautiful play areas. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Wonderful.” – Mother in Topanga

About the Program

The UCLA Intervention Program is a place for children and their parents to practice and build skills through play in a specialized supportive environment. In more technical words, it is a center-based early intervention program providing educational, diagnostic, and therapeutic services to infants and toddlers (ages 0-3 years) with a range of developmental risks and disabilities. The school was founded in the 1950s, and has been in the same location since the 1960s. Read More about helping this Los Angeles Program

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